Future Plan


We plan to continue our recovery project until 2016. However, based on the feasibility study, we will shift our stance and change what we do, in order to promote the self-sustaining revitalization led by local people.

Two main themes for the future plan

-Support the revitalization of Tohoku in partnership with the hub organizations/people across the region
-Create entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tohoku for the self-sustaining recovery of the local communities

In addition, the scope of our entire recovery project has become wider than we have expected when we launched the Fellowship Program. While implementing the Fellowship Program, we could have developed a good relationship with the local organizations and the key persons across the affected area. For the greater social impacts, we have promoted and will promote the various activities based on the local needs to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tohoku, while putting the Fellowship Program at the center of our activities at the same time.

Our key focus area for FY2012 and FY2013

-Further promote the Fellowship Program
We will continue the Fellowship Program to support the recovery leaders by sending Fellows to strengthen their management team. Particularly, we will strategically invest in Fellows and leaders who will play an active role of regional Hub. In order to develop the recovery projects led by local communities, they will be able to promote the partnership among the local and external organizations. We will also focus on the industrial revitalization projects that are expected to generate the innovative business model or products.

-Provide the additional resources and supports to recovery projects
We will provide the additional supports to recovery projects, of which management capacity was enhanced with the contribution of Fellows. Fellows and leaders will play the hub role-connecting recovery projects with external resources and supports such as human resources, funds and knowledge. We would like to encourage the local people to take on an entrepreneurial challenge.

-Support start-up entrepreneurs to develop the future leaders in Tohoku
Commissioned by the Cabinet Office, we will start to support the entrepreneurs in the seed/early stage. Connecting them with the local leaders and Fellows, we will enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem across the region.

Other Main Activities

“Michinoku Fukkou Jigyou Partners” (consortium of major companies for recovery)

-Consortium of major companies that would like to develop new business that meets local needs-utilizing their own resources (knowledge, human resources, network, etc.)
-Kao, Ajinomoto, Sompo Japan, Dentsu, Benesse, have decided to participate in this program. (As of May 2013)
-We also promote the employee-volunteering program (management-level) and support the scales channel development for the local business.
Michinoku Fukkou Jigyou Partners(Japanese Only)

“Michinoku Fukkou Intern” (short-term internship program)

-As a driving workforce, send 300 short-term interns for one month to support the leaders and Fellows.
-The main target is the university student either in Tohoku or from Tohoku.
-We also expect to develop the future players for the recovery through this program.
-Commissioned by the Cabinet Office
Michinoku Fukkou Intern(Japanese Only)

“Michinoku Kigyou” (support 50 start-up entrepreneurs)

-Support 50 start-up entrepreneurs to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the recovery project
-Provide the various supports-start-up grants (up to JPY 2.5MM), support by mentors, training sessions and resource matching.
-Commissioned by the Cabinet Office
Michinoku Kigyou(Japanese Only)

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