Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is one of primary activities of the Disaster Recovery Leadership Development Program. The program aims to dispatch young and talented personnel as “Fellows” that play leading roles in supporting entrepreneurs and leaders of various recovery projects in the affected areas. The target is to dispatch 200 fellows by March 2014, three years after the quake.

Background: Lack of talents with long term commitment

Leaders in the affected areas are playing critical role in the reconstruction effort. In this situation, talented leaders dedicated to reconstruction are invaluable for their impact and innovation. However, the task is large, and everyday leaders come forth asking for more project support. The high demand of Fellows means a rising need for young talent to make long term commitments from 3 months to 1 year.

In reality, many projects are facing shortage of the core staff who can lead the operations. Tohoku has aging population with over a quarter of total population ages over 65 year old. In addition, a lot of talented youngsters in Tohoku leave their hometown to find a job in cities, which cause shortage of human resources. Moreover, the disaster has accelerated the dilution of young generation from Tohoku.

Goal: We have increased the number of fellows from 100 to 200 in 3 years

The program has received positive feedback from projects. The program addressed the issue that recovery projects recognize, the lack of human resources to take part in the core of the operation. We discovered that the demand for talented personnel was larger than estimated.

Thus, we have increased the target number of Fellows to dispatch by March 2014 from 100 to 200.

Key characteristics of the program

  • The Fellows are individuals in their 20s-30s, self-motivated, outcome-driven, highly committed for a period of 3 months to 1 year as full time staff
  • The projects are carefully selected to achieve maximum impact for recovery. ETIC has extensive experience in job placement for young talented individuals, with 2,500 positions in the past. Based on this experience, ETIC aims to match the Fellows and projects effectively with good understanding of the demands from both side.
  • A monthly stipend of 100,000-150,000 yen will be provided to the Fellows during the program. In addition, the program provides pre & post training. We also support the projects thorough various measures such as business coordination, PR, etc.
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