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We will train future leaders who will discover problems in society, take action to solve them and open up the future of society on their initiative in any situation.
In any time in the past, social problems and challenges were settled by leaders of the time to solve them and open up the future of society on their initiative in any situation.
We will focus our programs and training opportunities on young people to help them develop entrepreneurship and start ventures for the benefit of society, thus, to contribute to bringing about social innovation.

Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities.
Establishment 1993 as a Waseda University student Organization, incorporated in March 2000
35 (25 full-time employees)

Provide young people with opportunities to develop their entrepreneurship and enterprising capacity
1) Entrepreneurship & leadership development programs including mid- to long-term internship program (related site:Japan Times)
2) Incubation program for young social entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Seminar, Business Plan Contest)
3) Development of social business ecosystem in local communities (commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Cabinet Office)
4) Seminar and training

2000 students and 650 companies participated in the Internship Program
More than 150 entrepreneurs (127 among whom were Internship Program participants) have been developed. METI Minister Award 2006 (for Training Entrepreneurs)
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